In a previous article we quickly saw what a mortgage loan is, this time we want to explain step by step, how to apply for a mortgage loan. These steps will be very similar between the different types of financial institutions that provide this type of loan.

You can see here the expenses of a mortgage loan.

Initial request

Initial request

– Mortgage application duly completed, signed and with a fingerprint.

– Photocopies of the card with right index fingerprint and signature.

– Labor certification showing salary, date of entry, position and type of contract with date of issue no more than 30 days.

– Removable payroll last month.

– Copy Certificate of income and withholdings and / or income statement of the last taxable year.

– If you are an independent extract of the last three months, supporting documents of your activity and tax document.

– If you are a pensioner, certification of the entity, removable from the payments of the last 3 months.

Disbursement Requirements

Disbursement Requirements

– Copy public deed

– Certificates of tradition and freedom

– Qualification form

– Delivery certificate

Credit study rates

Credit study rates

The value of the rate ranges from $ 45,000 to $ 197,000. It is important that you study your options well, there are entities that do not charge for this procedure.

You must choose the interest rate:

– Choose the best interest rate, as long as it is not conditioned on another product or a portfolio. That the financial institution is transparent and very clear in the information.

– Select the repayment or debt payment system (UVR or pesos). At this time, more pesos are convenient, but when the cost of living is low, UVR is recommended because this financing model is tied to inflation.

Know in advance:

Know in advance:

  1. Quote property insurance: This insurance allows you to protect the property from possible damage while your mortgage loan is in force.

    2. Quote debtor life insurance : This insurance covers the total payment of the debt in the event of natural death or accident and total or permanent disability by the person who requested the loan.

Signing of the mortgage contract

Signing of the mortgage contract

The mortgage must necessarily be constituted by means of a public deed, and if it is the case, both the mortgage and the main contract can be done in the same deed, as established in article 2434 of the Colombian civil code.

A. Public Deed Signature

As a final step, the financial institution issues a management check with the amount approved for your loan. In addition, the notary will prepare the public deed and will be signed by both the seller, the financial institution and the buyer.

B. Through a financial advisor, saving time and money.

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