Loans offer us the opportunity to grow, and accessing them will depend on certain requirements that must be met.

In order for financial institutions to see a candidate for a loan in you, we recommend that you meet the following points:

Define what you want it for. It is important that it be used wisely in the acquisition of durable goods, including vacations, or to start a business. Something worthwhile.


To buy a home or a vehicle, there are mortgages and auto loans .

car loan

For the different types of loans (except payroll credit) it is important to have a good reputation in the Credit Bureau , so if you have current loans it is important to be up to date with our payments. You can request for free and once a year a report of how you are qualified in the following league:, which is the only and official one, since there are fraudulent sites that only seek to obtain personal data.

Do not have too many debts and keep good credit available. If you have cards do not have them until the top. In addition, the payment of debts you make monthly for your loans must be less than 20% of your annual income. This factor is highly considered by the institutions to grant immediate credit .

Do not apply for loans very frequently. Having too many requests in one year, even if they have been approved and promptly paid, can be counterproductive.



credit loan

the entity will set a required amount of income of the applicant (in addition to its regularity) to grant the credit. Although currently, and in an effort of the institutions in favor of financial inclusion, loans are offered that can be adjusted to almost any budget.

Work and home stability. Your employment and domiciliary seniority will be valued, since they consider that those who frequently change their homes or jobs tend to be bad payers.


Trusted client

money loan

If we are old clients of the institution where we apply for the loan, they will know our trajectory very well and it will be easier for them to trust our ability to return.

Remember that credits are not extra income, but a backup to more easily reach your financial goals and that you should correspond.

At Dr. Nelson, we want to support you by offering you a credit that is tailored to you and without letting you slip. Request information for financial advice.