Liquidation that will affect your wallet

Over the past 14 months, the temptation to skip a few and enjoy a few outings has never been greater.

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“There will certainly be people who lose control, and it is certain that when we are locked up for a long time and deconstruction occurs, there will be people who let go,” says Paul Langevin, the psychologist.

The opening of the stands, the end of the curfew, the permission to welcome friends outside your home, all the ingredients are there to keep some Quebecers locked up and succumb to excessive consumption.

The psychologist remembers: “You have to be careful because the budget is often taken for other things and people often forget it.”

Paul Langevin says that “money is one of the six stressors that everyone faces, and the main reason for feuds between spouses is money and it should not be forgotten.”

One of the psychologist’s advice to avoid finding yourself in a difficult financial situation is to take your time and make the most of the present moment.

He remembers that a breakup doesn’t make everyone happy. Some have been less anxious to stay home in recent months.

“You can also get some fresh air, stay outside, and take deep breaths while hiking, which will help relieve anxiety and not get you too depressed in the future,” advises the psychiatrist for people with more anxiety.

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