Relieve the MUCB staff during the liquidation exercise: liquidator

May 30, 2021 | 6:26 am IST

Relieve the MUCB staff during the liquidation exercise: liquidator

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PANJIM: About 70 of the remaining 100 employees of the Mapusa Urban Cooperative Bank (MUCB) in Goa will be relieved of their duties as of July 1 of this year. This is a bank liquidation exercise that went red about over half a decade ago.

Anthony de Sa, a retired senior IAS official and MUCB’s new liquidator, in an interview with Herald, said: “This is an exercise to liquidate the bank and all government standards are met. A large number of employees were relieved on February 1 of this year which was similar to around 70 employees and another 70 will be relieved on July 1 and that will leave us around 28 employees thereafter as two employees will retire normally. this month. We also need to make sure that all the real investors in the bank get their money back and we are doing this exercise in a massive and fast fashion. We have to settle the claims of more than a lakh of investors and we are committed to doing so.

Senior citizen Joseph Carneiro who is an investor in the bank and has been waging this “battle” for the past six years and has an informal team of investors who have their deposits in MUCB while speaking to Herald clarified that, “On our 397 members only about 85 members received a total amount of Rs 1,029 crore until May 29, 2021. “

He added: “It is encouraging for the aggrieved depositors that since the replacement of the ex-liquidator Daulat Hawaldar, the progress made by the new liquidator Anthony de Sa on the disbursements of depositors’ funds, refused for the last six years ( 2015) were observed to be fast-tracked bringing relief to the poor depositors who suffered relentlessly through no fault of their own but only due to fraud, violation of imposed RBI, etc.

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